The Creation Process

There are many steps needed to create a finished illustration or animation. Each project is unique but usually go through similar steps.

Client Meetings

Meeting with clients is important, enabeling me to understand their communication and healthcare problems, goals, and audience. This insight guides all aspects of the project, from story creation and presentation, to word choice.


Through research is conducted to fully understand the healthcare issue and allows the story to be communicated as accurately as possible.



After the research is completed, we explore all of the appropriate views and avenues in telling the clients’ story. This may be done through a series of small sketches, and develop into well-rounded ideas. Sketching is important in visualizing how and in what order the story will be told.


Storyboarding is important in the development a series of images for surgery or animation. It allows us to visualize how the story will develop, from what point of view is best, appropriate camera angles, and lighting. 


Once our clients approve the storyboard, sketches, and layout, we begin the final content drawings. The images are drawn with extreme attention to detail, accuracy, and cleanliness. 


The final drawings are then scanned and painted (traditionally, or digital media) to meet the clients specifications.


Animation can be made from two-dimensional artwork that moves and morphs on screen, or the entire environment can be made with three-dimensional objects in space. These projects go through many revisions to ensure the story, narration, and images tell the story most effectively.

Finished Artwork and Client Satisfaction

Our products are created from start to finish by working hand-in-hand with our clients. They are involved in all aspects of the project, and their satisfaction is at the heart of Taylor Medical Illustration. We are dedicated to anatomical accuracy and timeliness that results in illustrations that are effective and appealing. We strive to create accurate visual products for the healthcare and scientific communities.